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Trasformare l’istruzione: Il potere delle politiche ICT

nov 02

Transforming Education: The Power of ICT Policies un rapporto edito dall’UNESCO. La pubblicazione si propone di fornire informazioni utili sulle sfide contemporanee e gli approcci alle politiche pubbliche nel campo delle tecnologie dell’informazione e della comunicazione (TIC) nel settore dell’istruzione.

Indeed, ICT in schools are seen by education policy-makers as an opportunity. Yet, once policy-makers consider making significant investments in ICT, a host of questions emerge, from how many computers are needed in a school to how teachers can use them. While such questions represent important implementation issues, they should not frame ICT policy. ICT can have a greater impact when the policies and programmes designed to implement them are crafted in the broader context of social and economic goals and aligned to a vision of economic development and social progress – in other words, when ICT policies and programmes support educational transformation.

This book reviews policies, programmes, and experiences in a range of regional and developmental settings – Jordan, Namibia, Rwanda, Singapore, and Uruguay. Each brings a unique historical, cultural, political, social, and economic context to bear on policy and its formulation. These case studies provide models and lessons that can help other countries in formulating their own policies regarding ICT in education. In addition, drawing on the analyses of the findings across case studies, the book considers their implications for educational policy, change, and transformation.

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